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  1. 12 Jan, 2005 1 commit
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      glob of CVS changes; PError, NHC options,, NHC builds · d1975ee2
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      Authors: Malcolm Wallace, Ross Paterson, Krasimir Angelov
        move createIfNotExists and removeFileRecursive functions from
        Distribution.Simple.Utils to System.Directory. The functions are renamed
        to createDirectoryIfMissing and removeDirectoryRecursive.
        avoid a few GHC warnings
        get IOError stuff from System.IO.Error instead of System.IO
        Minor tweaks to build with nhc98.
        OPTIONS pragma stuff for nhc98 and compat w/ ghc
        Use a custom monad ParseResult for parse results instead of Either PError,
        removing the need for Distribution.Compat.Error and the dependency on mtl.
  2. 10 Jan, 2005 8 commits
  3. 09 Jan, 2005 1 commit
  4. 08 Jan, 2005 9 commits
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      removed TODO I just implemented a different way · 6c7e6755
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      look in libraries source directory for executable modules · 79edfb28
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      When building executables, one typically wants to build them based on
      the library that's contained in the cabal package.  This was difficult
      if both the executables and the library used different
      hs-source-dir's.  This patch causes executables to look at the
      library's hs-source-dir for modules when preprocessing and building.
      This is instead of building and locally installing a package and using
      the -package flag to build the executable, since that's more
      complicated, and won't necessarily work if the library isn't designed
      to be installed in-place.
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      better makefile · 45c79dd2
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      cleaned up unit test · e7600411
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      added docs for licenses · f3d2cc60
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      fix from krasimir for getHomeDirectory · 20c33412
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        I added getHomeDirectory function to Distribution.Compat.Directory
        now is used from GHCPackageConfig.localPackageConfig instead of
        (getEnv "HOME").
        Without this fix the build process under Windows terminate with
        "does not exists (no environment variable)".
        NOTE: The fix works only if Cabal is built with ghc-6.3+. In any other case
        getHomeDirectory is defined as getEnv "HOME" and will continue to fail.
        This can be fixed but it will add an additional dependency of Cabal from
        shell32 under Windows and ghc < 6.3. I decided to leave the things at this
        stage because they are more maintainable in this way. If this is a pain I
        can rewrite the things latter.
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      added getopt · af8a732f
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      executables that depend on package TODO · 98f9d16d
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  5. 07 Jan, 2005 3 commits
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      fixed case where two main modules are in the same directory · 4238a696
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      It's pretty common to have a situation where two modules with
      different filenames are both named Main.  If they're in the same
      directory, and we use the -odir and -hidir flags, ghc --make uses the
      Main.o produced from the first build to link the 2nd!
      I added a pretty tricky test case for this, after it was reported by
      Ganes Sittampalam while trying to build the HaXmL executables.
      I fixed it today by adding the executable name to the -odir and -hidir
      paths, to make sure that they don't use the same Main.o... this is a
      bit inefficient, though, because I'm pretty sure that means it will
      rebuild any bits of the library it depends on for each executable.
      Any objections to this?
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      fixed three bugs in the parser and pretty printer · 00bedcb7
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      Two of the bugs were passing the wrong accessor function to the pretty
      The third bug was that the pretty printer rendered "foo\\bar" as
      "foo\bar", but actually in order to get the slash into the string, the
      user would have to have used the quote syntax.  I think we decided
      that the quote syntax meant a haskell string, so they should input it
      as "foo\\bar", of course internally represented as "foo\bar', but when
      printed, it should show two slashes again.
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  6. 06 Jan, 2005 14 commits
  7. 03 Jan, 2005 4 commits