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    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Rewrite the Program abstraction and the ProgramConfiguration database · 24fb1f9a
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Also make the follow on changes to everything that uses Program.
      The notion of a program is now split into the abstract notion of a program
      that we know about and might be able to configure, and a configured program
      that we can actually run. The ProgramConfiguration database is similarly
      split. We still keep user-supplied loation and arguments and use them when
      we configure programs. The abstract Program now has functions to search for
      the program on the system and for finding the version number. This allows
      for more generic configuration of programs.
  10. 07 Aug, 2007 1 commit
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Add compilerExtensions field to Compiler and make each compiler fill it in · 264b7a17
      Duncan Coutts authored
      It's just a list of supported extensions and the corresponding compiler flags.
      For most compilers this is currently just a static list. For ghc 6.7 and above
      we query ghc to find the list of language extensions it supports.
      In each case the code has moved out into the compiler-specific modules and the
      core code treats it generically.
      The extensionsToFlags function has been split into two:
      extensionsToFlags which now returns the flags for the supported extensions and
      unsupportedExtensions which does what it says it does. This is because the two
      roles of the previous function were always used separately, never together.
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    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      Make a proper verbosity type, rather than using Int values · 28847431
      Ian Lynagh authored
      Hopefully this will make it easier to get better verbosity consistency.
      We could, by changing only Distribution.Verbosity, use
      "type Verbosity = Int" for now to give users of the library a chance to
      catch up, but the upcoming Cabal release seems like a good opportunity
      to cram in as much of the interface-changing stuff that we want to do
      as we can. I think the added benefit of a slow switch would be very low
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    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      -Wall clean fixes · e2864182
      Ian Lynagh authored
      This patch is sponsored by Hac 07.
      Have you hacked a lambda today?
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