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    • Moritz Angermann's avatar
      Adds sSources and cmmSources. · 4a287659
      Moritz Angermann authored
      # Conflicts:
      #	Cabal/Distribution/PackageDescription/Check.hs
      #	Cabal/Distribution/PackageDescription/Parsec/FieldDescr.hs
      #	Cabal/Distribution/Parsec/Types/FieldDescr.hs
      #	Cabal/doc/developing-packages.rst
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    • Sergey Vinokurov's avatar
      Invoke ar to create .a library only once by default · 77a3cd22
      Sergey Vinokurov authored
      Newer versions of ar program support @file argument, which allows to
      supply all object files, however numerous, in one call to ar, thus
      reducing overhead of creating multiple ar processes where each process
      must fully re-read output of the previous invocation.
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    • Robert Henderson's avatar
      Added documentation for qualified constraints. · 7bfb03cf
      Robert Henderson authored
      I also moved all the detail about constraint syntax that was in
      the Nix-style local build cabal.project section into the section
      on the --constraint command line option. This reduces some
      duplication of information.
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    • Christiaan Baaij's avatar
      Add `--dynlibdir` · d2da6558
      Christiaan Baaij authored
      `--dynlibdir` indicates the directory in which dynamic libraries
      are installed. By default this setting is equal to:
      The static libraries will still end up in:
      With `$libsubdir/$abi` as the default directory for dynamic
      libraries, dynamic libraries will by default end up in a
      single shared directory (per package database). This has the
      potential to reduce start-up times for dynamically linked
      executable as only one RPATH per package database will be
      This commit uses the functionality defined in
      to tell GHC's > 8.0.1 package database that dynamic libraries
      are copied to the directories mentioned in the
  19. 16 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • Leonid Onokhov's avatar
      docs: Cleanup flags section and use more refs · a172cd29
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      [ci skip]
    • Leonid Onokhov's avatar
      Docs: added cabal domain for sphinx · 418a82f0
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      It features simple `pkg-section` directive for marking sections for
      which subsequent `pkg-field` fields are defined. Needed to disambiguate
      fields such as `type` or `main-is`.
      Converted most of `developing-packages.rst` to use new directives
      Future work:
      * Add directives for describing project.local, make it reference
        relevant cabal arguments
      * Add more meta, like since or deprecated which can be rendered in link
        titles and index.
      * Add "quick reference" indices for cabal args, package.cabal and
       project.local fields. Reference these from sidebar.
      * Using "since" and "deprectated field it is possible to create "what's
        new" index
      [ci skip]
  20. 13 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • Leonid Onokhov's avatar
      Rework install paths table in docs · 3807b959
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      Now unix and windows paths switched columns.
      Windows paths use %APPDATA% and %PROGRAMFILES% env vars.
      [ci skip]
    • Leonid Onokhov's avatar
      Make docs less noisy and referenceable · 3d2be8ae
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      Makes installing-packages.rst less noisy by replacing most of monospace
      markup with `.. option::`. This makes it possible to reference options
      from other parts of docs and adds them to index.
      Index is no longer empty so it is added to nav menu via template
      override in _template folder
      [ci skip]
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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Add support for extended verbosity specification -v"debug +callsite" · 83c93c10
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      This patch uses CallStack support in GHC 7.10 and GHC 8.0 to make
      it possible to get stack traces when we log output.
      This is the bare minimum to make this patch useful: there is
      plenty of tuning that can be done.  For example:
      * Insertions of withFrozenCallStack can help make the "callsite" output
        more useful, though be careful, we lose all stack information at that point!
      * Insertions of 'WithVerbosity', which will let us get deeper stacks
        (at the moment, they are basically always 1-deep.)
      Fixes #3768.
      CC @23SkidooSigned-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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