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    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Generalise build --ghc-option flag to --prog-option for any prog · 21437c67
      Duncan Coutts authored
      and remove makefile --ghc-option flag as it's not used (as far as I can see).
      It works generically by updating the ProgramConfiguration rather than the
      previous ad-hoc implementation. This feature is generally only useful for
      hackers who want to pass extra args to a progam during the build step
      (probably as a one-off) without having to reconfigure.
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Remove register --with-hc-pkg flag · 10cb4e5b
      Duncan Coutts authored
      It was just a hack for the benefit of ghc and we don't need it now.
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    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Add --prog-arg= and make --prog-args parse quotes · af3cfe75
      Duncan Coutts authored
      So this provides two ways of passing options that contain embeded spaces:
      --foo-args='--bar --baz="path with spaces in"'
      --foo-arg=--bar --foo-arg=--baz="path with spaces in"
      all args passed this way are collected in order.
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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      rejig location of package interfaces for haddock · 88190fe6
      Ross Paterson authored
      Formerly, setup haddock invoked haddock with a --use-package option
      for each prerequisite package, causing haddock to invoke ghc-pkg to
      get the haddock-interfaces and haddock-html fields for each package.
      The former is accurate, but the latter is not what you want if your
      documentation is to be placed on the web.
      Now setup haddock invokes ghc-pkg itself, but if the --html-location
      option is given, its argument is expanded for each package and used
      instead of the haddock-html field.  The results are then assembed as
      --read-interface options for haddock.  For example,
      	setup haddock '--html-location=$pkg/latest/doc/html'
      generates HTML documentation with hyperlinks pointing at the pages on
  20. 13 May, 2007 1 commit
    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      separate build and output directory for Hugs build · d0382615
      Ross Paterson authored
      Hugs requires a separate directory for the output files from the directory
      containing the preprocessed files.  The --scratchdir option now sets the
      former (and thus has an effect only for Hugs).
      This repairs the Hugs build.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Add 'setup makefile' command · 66328e57
      Simon Marlow authored
      'setup makefile' generates a Makefile that performs the steps
      necessary to compile the Haskell sources to object code.  This only
      works for libraries, and only with GHC right now.
      Instead of simply 'setup build', you can do this:
        $ ./setup makefile
        $ make
        $ ./setup build
      where './setup makefile' does the preprocessing and generates a
      Makefile tailored to the current package.  'make' will build all the
      Haskell code to object files, and 'setup build' will build any C code
      and the library archives.
      The reason for all this is that you can say 'make -j' and get a
      parallel build, or you can say
        make dist/build/Foo.o EXTRA_HC_OPTS=-keep-s-file
      to compile a single file with extra options.
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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      add a Build-Type field, and use it in setupWrapper · cb7aa1ef
      Ross Paterson authored
      As discussed on the libraries list (Nov 2006), add a field Build-Type
      which can be used to declare that this package uses one of the boilerplate
      setup scripts.  This allows setupWrapper (used by cabal-setup and
      cabal-install) to bypass the setup script in this case and perform
      the setup actions itself.
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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      revise Paths module for the Hugs target · a61df53f
      Ross Paterson authored
      When targetting Hugs, the Paths module now uses prefix-independent
      paths relative to the location of the Main module of the program,
      on all platforms.
      For the Hugs target, this replaces the code using GetModuleFileNameA(),
      which never worked.  Behaviour under GHC should be unchanged.
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