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    Extended project files (conditionals and imports) (#7783) · 32259a15
    gershomb authored
    * initial parser pass
    * first compiling pass
    * get more stuff sort of working
    * conditional parsing actually works
    * error cleanup and downloads
    * thread through http transport
    * fix merge
    * better errors and use extended project parsing uniformly
    * elif support, maybe?
    * fix outdated cmd, add tests, docs
    * fix docs
    * use legacyReadFields parser
    * changelog
    * cyclical import detection
    * fix shadowing
    * add missing file
    * finish merge
    * fix outstanding merge issue
    * use existing config available when checking for compiler for package flags
    * review comments
    * add missing test file
    * Update pr-7783
    Co-authored-by: default avatarGershom Bazerman <gershom@arista.com>
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