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    Add hsc2hs-options · 64f0b043
    Simon Marlow authored and Oleg Grenrus's avatar Oleg Grenrus committed
    Motivation: I (simonmar) want to use hsc2hs with C++, which requires
    hsc2hs-options: --cc=g++ --lflag=-lstdc++
    We pass `hsc2hs-options` before or after `--cc` and `-lflag`,
    depending on the version of `hsc2hs`.
    I (phadej) added a tests:
    - hsc2hs-options are passed to `hsc2hs` (but not to GHC e.g.).
    - `--cc` has expected effect
    `g++` tests doesn't seem to work on Windows, due mingw ncurses linkage
    issue, https://github.com/msys2/MINGW-packages/issues/3531
    We also need non-ancient hsc2hs (>= 0.68).