Commit 0b7abd9f authored by Lennart Kolmodin's avatar Lennart Kolmodin
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Attempt to reduce compile time on Travis CI.

As suggested at, reduce the
effect of bug
parent bf757416
......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ before_install:
- cabal --version
- travis_retry cabal update
# workaround for
- sed -i 's/^jobs:/-- jobs:/' ${HOME}/.cabal/config
- cabal sandbox init
# can't use "cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests --enable-benchmarks" due to dep-cycle
- cabal install criterion deepseq mtl "QuickCheck >= 2.8" HUnit "test-framework-quickcheck2 >= 0.3" "random >=" attoparsec cereal 'Cabal == 1.22.*' tar zlib -j
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