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Bug fix: equalFilePath "C:\\" "C:" == False

This started out as a simple refactoring of `equalFilePath`, and later turned
out to also fix a small bug.

The refactoring is: use `dropTrailingPathSeparator` instead of the custom
function `dropTrailSlash`.

A difference between these two functions is that `dropTrailingPathSeparator`
potentially removes multiple trailing slashes, whereas `dropTrailSlash` only
removes the last one. But since we `normalise` the FilePath first, which
removes superfluous pathSeparators, this difference does not matter to us.

Another difference is that `dropTrailingPathSeparator` does not drop slashes
when the FilePath isDrive, but `dropTrailSlash` does:

dropTrailSlash "C:\\" == "C:"
dropTrailSlash "C:\\\\" == "C:\\"

dropTrailingPathSeparator "C:\\" == "C:\\"
dropTrailingPathSeparator "C:\\\\" == "C:\\\\"

As a result, equalFilePath of drives on Windows changes slightly:

equalFilePath "C:\\" "C:" == True
equalFilePath "C:\\\\" "C:" == False

equalFilePath "C:\\" "C:" == False
equalFilePath "C:\\\\" "C:" == False

This can be considered a bug fix, since "C:\\foo" and "C:foo", and thus "C:\\"
and "C:", are not the same thing.
parent fd201b7f
......@@ -686,11 +686,8 @@ joinPath = foldr combine ""
equalFilePath :: FilePath -> FilePath -> Bool
equalFilePath a b = f a == f b
f x | isWindows = dropTrailSlash $ map toLower $ normalise x
| otherwise = dropTrailSlash $ normalise x
dropTrailSlash x | length x >= 2 && hasTrailingPathSeparator x = init x
| otherwise = x
f x | isWindows = dropTrailingPathSeparator $ map toLower $ normalise x
| otherwise = dropTrailingPathSeparator $ normalise x
-- | Contract a filename, based on a relative path.
......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@
* Bug fix: on Windows, `dropTrailingPathSeparator "/"` now returns `"/"`
unchanged, instead of the normalised `"\\"`.
* Bug fix: on Windows, `equalFilePath "C:\\" "C:"` now retuns `False`,
instead of `True`.
## *Mar 2014*
* Bundled with GHC 7.8.1
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