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The Haskeline library provides a user interface for line input in command-line programs.
This library is similar in purpose to readline, but since it is written in Haskell it is (hopefully)
more easily used in other Haskell programs.
The latest release, as well as the API documentation, may be obtained from [Hackage](
The most recent development source code can be downloaded with:
git clone
Further documentation is also available at
- Provides a [rich line editing interface](
- A `~/.haskeline` file allows customization of [preferences]( and [custom key bindings](
- Runs on POSIX-compatible systems, using the [terminfo]( library to support non-ANSI terminals.
- Runs on Windows using MinGW.
- [Supports Unicode]( cross-platform.
- History recall and incremental search.
- Custom tab completion functions which may run in an arbitrary monad.
Supports Markdown
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