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Add current finished changes for haskeline-0.7

parent 7f3aa2c9
Changed in version
* Bump dependencies and general compatibility for ghc-7.6.1
* Depend on the transformers package instead of mtl
* Don't depend on the extensible-exceptions package
* Bump the minimum GHC version to 6.10.1
* Make the MonadException class more general (similar to monad-control)
* Prevent crashes on Windows when writing too many characters at once
or ctrl-L on large window (GHC ticket #4415)
* Remember the user's history and kill ring state after ctrl-c
* Don't make InputT an instance of MonadState/MonadReader
* Use ccall on Win64
* #117: Implement mapInputT
* Use ScopedTypeVariables instead of PatternSignatures
Changed in version
* Bump dependencies to allow mtl-2.1, containers-0.5 and bytestring-0.10.
* Prefix C functions with "haskeline_" so we don't clash with other packages
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