Commit 7289f1f6 authored by Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel 🕺
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Generalise constraints for InputT instances

I'm not sure why the code was written the way it was, but it seems we
can do better by letting GHC directly reuse `ReaderT`'s instances as
well as relaxing the constraints from

    instance Monad m       => Functor     (InputT m)
    instance Monad m       => Applicative (InputT m)
    instance Monad m       => Monad       (InputT m)


    instance Functor     m => Functor     (InputT m)
    instance Applicative m => Applicative (InputT m)
    instance Monad       m => Monad       (InputT m)

This looks the same on GHC 7.8 (pre-AMP) as well as GHC 7.10 (post-AMP)
parent b9fc9e97
......@@ -47,19 +47,12 @@ newtype InputT m a = InputT {unInputT ::
(ReaderT (IORef KillRing)
(ReaderT Prefs
(ReaderT (Settings m) m)))) a}
deriving (Monad, MonadIO, MonadException)
deriving (Functor, Applicative, Monad, MonadIO, MonadException)
-- NOTE: we're explicitly *not* making InputT an instance of our
-- internal MonadState/MonadReader classes. Otherwise haddock
-- displays those instances to the user, and it makes it seem like
-- we implement the mtl versions of those classes.
instance Monad m => Functor (InputT m) where
fmap = liftM
instance Monad m => Applicative (InputT m) where
pure = return
(<*>) = ap
instance MonadTrans InputT where
lift = InputT . lift . lift . lift . lift . lift
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