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Merge pull request #43 from erikd/master

.travis.yml: Add ghc 8.0.1
parents c0e985e5 08e972b6
......@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ env:
- CABALVER=1.18 GHCVER=7.8.1
- CABALVER=1.18 GHCVER=7.8.2
- CABALVER=1.18 GHCVER=7.8.3
- CABALVER=1.22 GHCVER=7.10.1
- CABALVER=1.18 GHCVER=7.8.4
- CABALVER=1.22 GHCVER=7.10.3
- CABALVER=1.24 GHCVER=8.0.1
# Note: the distinction between `before_install` and `install` is not important.
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