Commit 1874596c authored by AndreasVoellmy's avatar AndreasVoellmy

Re-export runWithFuel.

parent 9bd6f111
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ import Compiler.Hoopl.Combinators
import Compiler.Hoopl.Dataflow hiding ( wrapFR, wrapFR2, wrapBR, wrapBR2
import Compiler.Hoopl.Debug
import Compiler.Hoopl.Fuel hiding (withFuel, getFuel, setFuel, runWithFuel)
import Compiler.Hoopl.Fuel hiding (withFuel, getFuel, setFuel)
import Compiler.Hoopl.Block
import Compiler.Hoopl.Graph hiding (splice, gSplice)
import Compiler.Hoopl.Label hiding (uniqueToLbl, lblToUnique)
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