Commit 46d43d43 authored by David Feuer's avatar David Feuer

Use non-deprecated Map and Set folds

`fold` and `foldWithKey` are now deprecated in `containers`.
This package's use causes GHC validation to fail with
parent f661f91f
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ instance IsSet UniqueSet where
setIntersection (US x) (US y) = US (S.intersection x y)
setIsSubsetOf (US x) (US y) = S.isSubsetOf x y
setFold k z (US s) = S.fold k z s
setFold k z (US s) = S.foldr k z s
setElems (US s) = S.elems s
setFromList ks = US (S.fromList ks)
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