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Thoughts about loop-based analyses
A loop analysis will want to have certain inputs, perhaps including
- A set of loop headers
- The dominance relation
- The reachability relation
Let's assume
type Header = Label
type Headers = LabelSet
We can imagine doing loop analyses as follows:
- The dataflow fact is `Map Header f` where `f` is a lattice of
- If at a given point (edge) in the flow graph, header `H` is a key in the
map, then that point is reachable from `H`, and the fact stored in
the map is true on all paths that originate at `H` and terminate
at that point.
- If a given point (edge) in the flow graph cannot reach `H`, it is
safe (but not necessary) to delete `H` from the map. It is
probably worth deleting `H` if possible, because if nothing else
it will keep the program from allocating one thunk per node `N`
that is reachable from `H` but does not reach `H`.
- If at a given point in the flow graph, `H` is not a key in the map,
then we expect either the point is not reachable from `H` or it
does not reach `H`. That is, we want `H` to be a key at exactly
those points that are in a loop containing `H`.
- If a join function gets two maps and `H` is a key in just one of
them, the map without `H` can be ignored, since that edge is not
yet known to be reachable from `H`. We can therefore use the
empty map as a bottom element.
- If `join` is the join function on `f`, the join function on maps
can *almost* be defined using `Data.Map.unionWithKey f`, but
unfortunately not, because of the beastly `ChangeFlag`.
A person like Chris Rice should explore a suitable higher-order
function for lifting joins into finite maps.
SRC=Graph Label GraphUtil Fuel MkGraph Dataflow
VERSION=`awk '$1 == "Version:" { print $2 }' $PKG.cabal`
all:V: $O hoopl.pdf
dist:V: hoopl.pdf
cabal sdist
hoopl.pdf: ../paper/dfopt.pdf
cp -a -v $prereq $target
cabal install --enable-documentation
(cd ../testing && mk test)
install:V: $CONFIG
cabal install --enable-documentation
build:V: $CONFIG
cabal build
check:V: $CONFIG
cabal check
upload:V: hoopl.pdf $CONFIG
cabal build
cabal sdist
cabal upload dist/$PKG-$VERSION.tar.gz
config:V: $CONFIG
.config.&:D: &.cabal
cabal configure --user > $target
rm -f `find [A-Z]* ../testing -name '*.o' -o '*.hi'`
%.pdf: %.tex
(cd `dirname $prereq`; mk `basename $target`)
%.o: %.hs
ghc --make -c $prereq
rm -f $HOOPL/*.o
rm -f $HOOPL/*.hi
rm -f *~ $HOOPL/*~
all:V: obj
ghc -i$TOP --make *.hs
rm -f *.o *.hi *~
test install build check:V:
(cd $TOP && mk $target)
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