Commit 069d5655 authored by Daniel Bramucci's avatar Daniel Bramucci

Changed "\home\bob" to "/home/bob" in docs for System.Process.createProcess

"\home\bob" does not form valid Haskell as there is no "\h" character.
Therefore, this line was changed to the *nix directory location it was intended
to be.
parent b59709e4
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ To create a pipe from which to read the output of @ls@:
To also set the directory in which to run @ls@:
> (_, Just hout, _, _) <-
> createProcess (proc "ls" []){ cwd = Just "\home\bob",
> createProcess (proc "ls" []){ cwd = Just "/home/bob",
> std_out = CreatePipe }
Note that @Handle@s provided for @std_in@, @std_out@, or @std_err@ via the
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