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Document intricacies of exec on Windows

parent 3138b775
......@@ -54,12 +54,14 @@ module System.Process (
-- $ctlc-handling
-- * Process completion
-- ** Notes about @exec@ on Windows
-- $exec-on-windows
-- Interprocess communication
-- * Interprocess communication
......@@ -394,6 +396,32 @@ processFailedException fun cmd args exit_code =
-- For even more detail on this topic, see
-- < "Proper handling of SIGINT/SIGQUIT">.
-- $exec-on-windows
-- Note that processes which use the POSIX @exec@ system call (e.g. @gcc@)
-- require special care on Windows. Specifically, the @msvcrt@ C runtime used
-- frequently on Windows emulates @exec@ in a non-POSIX compliant manner, where
-- the caller will be terminated (with exit code 0) and execution will continue
-- in a new process. As a result, on Windows it will appear as though a child
-- process which has called @exec@ has terminated despite the fact that the
-- process would still be running on a POSIX-compliant platform.
-- Since many programs do use @exec@, the @process@ library exposes the
-- 'use_process_jobs' flag to make it possible to reliably detect when such a
-- process completes. When this flag is set a 'ProcessHandle' will not be
-- deemed to be \"finished\" until all processes spawned by it have
-- terminated (except those spawned by the child with the
-- @CREATE_BREAKAWAY_FROM_JOB@ @CreateProcess@ flag).
-- Note, however, that, because of platform limitations, the exit code returned
-- by @waitForProcess@ and @getProcessExitCode@ cannot not be relied upon when
-- the child uses @exec@, even when 'use_process_jobs' is used. Specifically,
-- these functions will return the exit code of the *original child* (which
-- always exits with code 0, since it called @exec@), not the exit code of the
-- process which carried on with execution after @exec@. This is different from
-- the behavior prescribed by POSIX but is the best approximation that can be
-- realised under the restrictions of the Windows process model.
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- | @readProcess@ forks an external process, reads its standard output
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ data CreateProcess = CreateProcess{
-- @since
use_process_jobs :: Bool -- ^ On Windows systems this flag indicates that we should wait for the entire process tree
-- to finish before unblocking. On POSIX systems this flag is ignored.
-- to finish before unblocking. On POSIX systems this flag is ignored. See $exec-on-windows for details.
-- Default: @False@
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