Commit 87555b51 authored by batterseapower's avatar batterseapower
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Update for a mutable localeEncoding

parent 51fb836e
......@@ -417,8 +417,13 @@ pfdToHandle pfd mode = do
False {-is_socket-}
False {-non-blocking-}
fD <- FD.setNonBlockingMode fD True -- see #3316
#if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ >= 703
enc <- getLocaleEncoding
let enc = localeEncoding
mkHandleFromFD fD fd_type filepath mode False{-is_socket-}
(Just localeEncoding)
(Just enc)
fdToHandle' fd (Just Stream)
False{-Windows: not a socket, Unix: don't set non-blocking-}
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