Commit 8baf7a16 authored by Alex Biehl's avatar Alex Biehl Committed by Xia Li-yao
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Use copyToPointer in encodeUtf8Builder

Instead of copying each character individually we use copyToPointer
parent 3488190f
......@@ -391,7 +391,37 @@ decodeUtf8Lenient = decodeUtf8With lenientDecode
-- @since
encodeUtf8Builder :: Text -> B.Builder
encodeUtf8Builder = encodeUtf8BuilderEscaped (BP.liftFixedToBounded BP.word8)
encodeUtf8Builder =
-- manual eta-expansion to ensure inlining works as expected
\txt -> B.builder (step txt)
step txt@(Text arr off len) !k br@(B.BufferRange op ope)
-- Ensure that the common case is not recursive and therefore yields
-- better code.
| op' <= ope = do
unsafeSTToIO $ A.copyToPointer arr off op len
k (B.BufferRange op' ope)
| otherwise = textCopyStep txt k br
op' = op `plusPtr` len
{-# INLINE encodeUtf8Builder #-}
textCopyStep :: Text -> B.BuildStep a -> B.BuildStep a
textCopyStep (Text arr off len) k =
go off (off + len)
go !ip !ipe (B.BufferRange op ope)
| inpRemaining <= outRemaining = do
unsafeSTToIO $ A.copyToPointer arr ip op inpRemaining
let !br = B.BufferRange (op `plusPtr` inpRemaining) ope
k br
| otherwise = do
unsafeSTToIO $ A.copyToPointer arr ip op outRemaining
let !ip' = ip + outRemaining
return $ B.bufferFull 1 ope (go ip' ipe)
outRemaining = ope `minusPtr` op
inpRemaining = ipe - ip
-- | Encode text using UTF-8 encoding and escape the ASCII characters using
-- a 'BP.BoundedPrim'.
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