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      Release text- · 784eb612
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      Show: Activate literal rewrite rules in simplifier phase 1 · 9b01539f
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      When rewriting in a rule, GHC pretends that it is in the phase given by
      the activation phase of the rule (see Note [Simplifying inside stable
      unfoldings] in `SimplUtils` for rationale). This means that while
      rewriting the text literal rules, the simplifier is effectively in phase
      2 due to 86ddf8a9.
      As it turns out, the `build` rule provided by `base` is also active in
      phase 2, meaning it still competes with the literal rules (as 7.10.2
      uses it to rewrite the LHS). For this reason, the previous change did
      not resolve the performance issue in 7.10.2; something I did not
      previously catch due to a rather silly issue in my test envirionment.
      This issue is now properly resolved by activating the literal rewrite
      rules only in phase 1, by which point the `build` rule is inactive. See
      comments 22 through 25 in GHC Trac #10528 for details.
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      Show: Activate literal rewrite rules in simplifier phase 2 · 86ddf8a9
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      Previously these RULES were quite fragile as they could compete with the
      `unpack` rule defined in `GHC.Base`. This was tickled by 7.10.2, which
      happened to rewrite the LHS of rules with other rules (which is itself
      a bug in GHC). This caused the literal rules to fail to fire, which then
      resulted in long compilation times.
      To avoid this sort of fragility, we would like the literal rules to fire
      very early in the simplifier. For this reason we set them to rule in
      phase 2.
      See GHC Trac #10528 for further discussion [1].
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