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  1. 07 Jan, 2014 15 commits
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      Add back 'ensure 1' to avoid overflowing an output buffer · 22dc447b
      Simon Meier authored
      The counter-example for the existing code is a string of length '2*n' that
      starts with 'n' characters with codepoints in the range (0x7F, 0x7FF) and ends
      with 'n' ASCII characters. All 'n' ASCII characters will be written after the
      end of the output buffer.
    • Simon Meier's avatar
      Polish UTF-8 bytestring builder support · 3e915b23
      Simon Meier authored
      - adjust function names to 'encodeUtf8Builder' and 'encodeUtf8BuilderEscaped'
      - expose the same conversion to builders for both lazy and strict text
      - ensure 'Escaped' versions are inlined to allow specialization for specific
        escaping primitives
      - fix some Haddock references
      - add Haddock comment about bytestring >= dependency
      - remove stream-to-builder encoding functions. There is no direct use case for
        them and they require too much knowledge about the internals to be used
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      Drop some special-casing for ASCII during UTF-8 encoding · 0f3435ba
      bos authored
      I somehow forgot that we allocate the initial ByteString to contain
      the same number of bytes as the Text contains code units. This means
      that we never need to ensure that the ByteString is big enough, nor
      (with this observation) does a special-cased ASCII-only loop help
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