Commit cad1ef27 authored by Thomas Miedema's avatar Thomas Miedema
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Enable test for getLoginName

Fixes #1487.

Make use of no_stdin test option, introduced explictly for this purpose
in fa52a8c9d8eae5e3fc4c0cf0e5672875e161e05c
parent bc48ca82
......@@ -11,7 +11,19 @@ test('forkprocess01', [ only_compiler_types(['ghc']),
# user001 may fail due to this bug in glibc:
test('user001', normal, compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
# user001 may also fail on GNU/Linux when using a terminal emulator that doesn't
# write login records to /var/run/utmp. Running:
# $ logname
# should print your login name. If it doesn't, the getLoginName test in user001
# will fail, and that's why you are here. Try xterm.
# Ticket #1487. The glibc implementation of getlogin, which is called by
# getLoginName, requires that a terminal is connected to filedescriptor 0.
# See:;a=blob;f=sysdeps/unix/getlogin.c
# Therefore, we use the no_stdin option, and have to omit the 'ghci' way,
# because it relies on redirecting stdin from file.
test('user001', [no_stdin, omit_ways(['ghci'])], compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
test('resourceLimit', normal, compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
x86FreeBsdFail = when(platform('i386-unknown-freebsd'), expect_fail)
......@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ main = do p "getRealUserID" $ getRealUserID
p "getEffectiveUserID" $ getEffectiveUserID
p "getEffectiveGroupID" $ getEffectiveGroupID
p "getGroups" $ getGroups
-- p "getLoginName" $ getLoginName
p "getLoginName" $ getLoginName
p "getEffectiveUserName" $ getEffectiveUserName
p "getGroupEntryForID" $ getRealGroupID >>= getGroupEntryForID
p "getGroupEntryForName" $ getRealGroupID >>= getGroupEntryForID >>= getGroupEntryForName . groupName
p "getAllGroupEntries" $ getAllGroupEntries
p "getUserEntryForID" $ getRealUserID >>= getUserEntryForID
-- p "getUserEntryForName" $ getLoginName >>= getUserEntryForName
p "getUserEntryForName" $ getLoginName >>= getUserEntryForName
p "getAllUserEntries" $ getAllUserEntries
......@@ -3,9 +3,11 @@ getRealGroupID: OK
getEffectiveUserID: OK
getEffectiveGroupID: OK
getGroups: OK
getLoginName: OK
getEffectiveUserName: OK
getGroupEntryForID: OK
getGroupEntryForName: OK
getAllGroupEntries: OK
getUserEntryForID: OK
getUserEntryForName: OK
getAllUserEntries: OK
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