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 * Bundled with GHC 7.10.1
 * Add support for `base-`
 * Tighten `SafeHaskell` bounds for GHC 7.10+
 * Add haddock comments on `RTLD_NEXT` and `RTLD_DEFAULT`
 * Deprecate function `haveRtldLocal`
 * Fix `getGroupEntryForID/getGroupEntryForName` on Solaris. Solaris uses
   CPP macros for required `getgrgid_r` and `getgrnam_r` functions definition
   so the fix is to change from C ABI calling convention to C API calling
 * Fix potential type-mismatch in `telldir`/`seekdir` FFI imports
 * Use CAPI FFI import for `truncate` to make sure the LFS-version is used.
 * `executeFile`: Fix `ENOTDIR` error for entries with non-directory
   components in `PATH` (and instead skip over non-directory `PATH`-elements)
 * New functions in `System.Posix.Unistd`:
    - `fileSynchronise` (aka `fsync(2)`), and
    - `fileSynchroniseDataOnly` (aka `fdatasync(2)`)
 * New module `System.Posix.Fcntl` providing
    - `fileAdvise` (aka `posix_fadvise(2)`), and
    - `fileAllocate` (aka `posix_fallocate(2)`)
 * Fix SIGINFO and SIGWINCH definitions