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Move tests from tests/ghc-regress/* to just tests/*

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include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
# The libraries that we actually know about. We don't want to test
# extralibs that are in our tree but which we haven't built.
LIBRARIES := $(shell '$(GHC_PKG)' list --simple-output --names-only)
ifeq "$(findstring base,$(LIBRARIES))" ""
$(error base library does not seem to be installed)
# XXX Do this better?
# Now find the "tests" directories of those libraries, where they exist
LIBRARY_TEST_PATHS := $(wildcard $(patsubst %, $(TOP)/../libraries/%/tests, $(LIBRARIES)))
# Add tests from packages
RUNTEST_OPTS += $(patsubst %, --rootdir=%, $(LIBRARY_TEST_PATHS))
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
config :
rm -f $(CONFIG_HS)
@echo "Creating $(CONFIG_HS) ... "
echo "module Config where" >>$(CONFIG_HS)
echo "cTop :: String" >> $(CONFIG_HS)
echo 'cTop = "$(subst \,\\,$(shell '$(TEST_HC)' --print-libdir))"' >> $(CONFIG_HS)