Commit e090f1bc authored by Luite Stegeman's avatar Luite Stegeman Committed by Ben Gamari

Change demand information for foreign calls

Foreign calls may not be strict for lifted arguments. Fixes Trac #11076.

Test Plan: ./validate

Reviewers: simonpj, bgamari, austin

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #11076
parent 4a32bf92
......@@ -990,8 +990,11 @@ mkFCallId dflags uniq fcall ty
(_, tau) = tcSplitForAllTys ty
(arg_tys, _) = tcSplitFunTys tau
arity = length arg_tys
strict_sig = mkClosedStrictSig (replicate arity evalDmd) topRes
strict_sig = mkClosedStrictSig (replicate arity topDmd) topRes
-- the call does not claim to be strict in its arguments, since they
-- may be lifted (foreign import prim) and the called code doen't
-- necessarily force them. See Trac #11076.
* *
Test case for a problem where GHC had incorrect strictness
information for foreign calls with lifted arguments
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -O0 #-}
module Main where
import T11076A
import Control.Exception
x :: Bool
x = error "OK: x has been forced"
main :: IO ()
main = print (testBool x) `catch`
\(ErrorCall e) -> putStrLn e -- x should be forced
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -O #-}
{-# LANGUAGE MagicHash,
module T11076A where
import GHC.Exts
import Unsafe.Coerce
If the demand type for the foreign call argument is incorrectly strict,
the bang pattern can be optimized out
testBool :: Bool -> Int
testBool !x = I# (cmm_testPrim (unsafeCoerce x))
{-# INLINE testBool #-}
foreign import prim "testPrim" cmm_testPrim :: Any -> Int#
#include "Cmm.h"
#include "MachDeps.h"
testPrim(gcptr x)
W_ a;
a = 123;
return (a);
......@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ test('T7649', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('T9254', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('T10148', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('T10218', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('T11076', normal, multimod_compile_and_run, ['T11076.hs', 'T11076_prim.cmm'])
==================== Strictness signatures ====================
T8598.$trModule: m <S(S),1*U(U)>m <S,1*U(U)>m
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