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Introduce and use a meta file format for URLs and available versions

Fixes #21
Fixes #9
Fixes #10
Fixes #5
parent 3f691b73
# fmt-version=1
# tab separated columns
# tool | version | tag |
ghc 8.0.2
ghc 8.2.2
ghc 8.4.3
ghc 8.4.4 recommended
ghc 8.6.1 latest,bad
cabal-install latest,recommended
# fmt-version=1
# tool | version | arch | supported-distros for given url | url |
ghc 8.0.2 x86_64 debian=7
ghc 8.0.2 i386 debian=7
ghc 8.0.2 x86_64 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.0.2 i386 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.2.2 x86_64 debian=7
ghc 8.2.2 i386 debian=7
ghc 8.2.2 x86_64 debian=8,debian,ubuntu
ghc 8.2.2 i386 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.2.2 x86_64 unknown
ghc 8.4.3 i386 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.4.3 x86_64 debian=8
ghc 8.4.3 x86_64 debian=9,debian,ubuntu
ghc 8.4.3 x86_64 fedora=27,fedora,unknown
ghc 8.4.4 i386 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.4.4 x86_64 debian=8
ghc 8.4.4 x86_64 debian=9,debian,ubuntu
ghc 8.4.4 x86_64 centos=7,centos
ghc 8.4.4 x86_64 fedora=27,fedora,unknown
ghc 8.6.1 i386 debian=8,debian,ubuntu,unknown
ghc 8.6.1 x86_64 debian=8
ghc 8.6.1 x86_64 debian=9,debian,ubuntu
ghc 8.6.1 x86_64 fedora=27,fedora,unknown
cabal-install i386 unknown
cabal-install x86_64 unknown
cabal-install x86_64 unknown
......@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ edo ./ghcup -v rm -f 8.6.1
# set GHC
edo ./ghcup -v set 8.2.2
# install default GHC
edo ./ghcup -v install
export PATH="$HOME/.cabal/bin:$HOME/.ghcup/bin:$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"
edo mkdir -p "$HOME"/.local/bin
......@@ -48,11 +51,15 @@ edo mv shellcheck-latest/shellcheck "$HOME"/.local/bin/shellcheck
# check our script for errors
edo shellcheck ghcup
# self update
edo ghcup self-update
edo ghcup -v show
edo ghcup show
edo ghcup -v debug-info
edo ghcup debug-info
edo ghcup -v list
edo ghcup -v list -t ghc
edo ghcup -v list -t cabal-install
edo ghc --version
# self update destructively
edo ghcup -v self-update
......@@ -59,6 +59,17 @@ In addition this script can also install `cabal-install`.
* use [shellcheck]( and `` from [debian devscripts](
* whitespaces, no tabs
### Download locations
Download locations are maintained in the file [.download-urls](
and may slightly be behind a very recent release or not tested
on all distro combinations.
In such a case, consider providing a PR to fix it.
Similarly, available versions are maintained in
## Known problems
### Limited distributions supported
......@@ -75,16 +86,6 @@ ncurses and has no compatibility symlinks in place.
Ask your distributor on how to solve this or
try to compile from source via `ghcup compile <version>`.
### Unreliable download location
There is no single reliable URL where to download future
GHC binary releases from, since the tarball names contain
the distro name and version they were built on. As such,
we cannot foresee what will be the next tarball name.
In such a case, consider to update this script via
`ghcup self-update`.
### Compilation
Although this script can compile GHC for you, it's just a very thin
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