Commit 83cc6636 authored by Julian Ospald's avatar Julian Ospald 🍵

Remove dangling ghc, ghci, ... symlinks after removal of active GHC

parent 5bb53891
......@@ -885,7 +885,21 @@ rm_ghc() {
status_message "Successfully removed GHC ${myghcver}."
if [ ! -e "${BIN_LOCATION}"/ghc ] ; then
warning_message "Currently active GHC is a dangling symlink, run:"
warning_message "Currently active GHC is a dangling symlink, removing..."
# TODO: known_tools is not very robust, but we want to avoid accidentially deleting
# unrelated things (even if those are dangling symlinks)
known_tools="ghc ghci ghc-pkg haddock-ghc runghc runhaskell"
# remove dangling symlinks for ghc, ghci, ...
for t in ${known_tools} ; do
if [ -h "${BIN_LOCATION}/${t}" ] && [ ! -e "${BIN_LOCATION}/${t}" ] ; then
edo rm "${BIN_LOCATION}/${t}"
unset t known_tools
warning_message "Done."
warning_message "You may now want to set currently active GHC to a different version via:"
warning_message " ghcup set <ghcver>"
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