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Add notes about libnuma issues

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......@@ -120,13 +120,23 @@ Currently only GNU/Linux distributions compatible with the [upstream GHC](https:
### Precompiled binaries
Since this uses precompiled binaries you may run into
problems with *ncurses* and **missing libtinfo**, in case
several problems.
#### Missing libtinfo (ncurses)
You may run into problems with *ncurses* and **missing libtinfo**, in case
your distribution doesn't use the legacy way of building
ncurses and has no compatibility symlinks in place.
Ask your distributor on how to solve this or
try to compile from source via `ghcup compile <version>`.
#### Libnuma required
This was a [bug]( in the build system of some GHC versions that lead to
unconditionally enabled libnuma support. To mitigate this you might have to install the libnuma
package of your distribution. See [here]( for a discussion.
### Compilation
Although this script can compile GHC for you, it's just a very thin
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