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New lexical bug discovered. --: introduces a comment, but should be a varsym.

parent c5df8667
......@@ -16,6 +16,16 @@ as a book, and also in the Journal of Functional Programming 13(1)
slightly from the online versions.
<li> [Dec 2005] <strong>Page 8, Section 2.2, Lexical Program Structure</strong>
The production for end-of-line <em>comment</em> appears to permit
the character sequence <tt>--:</tt> to introduce a comment, although
it should properly be permissible as a <em>varsym</em>.
The production can be fixed by changing it thus:
<li> [July 2004] <strong>Page 32, Section 3.17.2, Informal Semantics of
Pattern-Matching, case #6.</strong>
Case 6 says: "Matching against a constructor using labeled fields is
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