Commit 2e8f0426 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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remove GHC-specific note

parent ed7a6ba5
......@@ -218,13 +218,6 @@ although it may be implemented differently internally: you may not
assume that the memory returned by \haddockid{mallocForeignPtr} has been
allocated with \haddocktt{Foreign.Marshal.Alloc.malloc}.
GHC notes: \haddockid{mallocForeignPtr} has a heavily optimised
implementation in GHC. It uses pinned memory in the garbage
collected heap, so the \haddockid{ForeignPtr} does not require a finalizer to
free the memory. Use of \haddockid{mallocForeignPtr} and associated
functions is strongly recommended in preference to \haddocktt{newForeignPtr}
with a finalizer.
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