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some notes on how to build it.

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The Haskell Language and Library Reports
Notes on building the report
$ cd tools
$ make
should build a few tools required for building the report itself.
Then you should be able to say
$ cd report
$ make
to build the PS ( and HTML (in haskell-report-html)
versions. To get PDF, use ps2pdf on the PS version.
There are various other Makefile rules; for example 'make release' at
the top level is supposed to build a complete release of the "Revised
Haskell 98 Report", although it doesn't work out of the box. For
Haskell', we'll want to modify these Makefiles to do what we want in
due course.
......@@ -27,7 +51,3 @@ OUTPUT FILES
haskell98-revised/ A directory containing the distribution
Notes on how to generate PDF
[Mark pls fill in here.]
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