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......@@ -156,12 +156,10 @@ declaration counting as smaller than later ones. For example, for the
Derived comparisons always traverse constructors from left to right.
These examples illustrate this property:
(1,undefined) == (2,undefined) @"\Rightarrow"@ False
(undefined,1) == (undefined,2) @"\Rightarrow"@ @"\bot"@
@(1,undefined) == (2,undefined) @"\Rightarrow"@ False@\\
@(undefined,1) == (undefined,2) @"\Rightarrow"@ @"\bot"
All derived operations of class @Eq@ and @Ord@ are strict in both arguments.
For example, "@False <= @\bot" is "\bot", even though @False@ is the first constructor
of the @Bool@ type.
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