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6.4.2: fix formatting

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......@@ -890,10 +890,12 @@ section~\ref{operators}) apply to all numbers. The class methods
applies only to fractional ones. The @quot@, @rem@,
@div@, and @mod@ class methods satisfy these laws if @y@ is non-zero:
@(x @\bkqB@quot@\bkqA@ y)*y + (x @\bkqB@rem@\bkqA@ y) == x@\\
@(x @\bkqB@div@\bkqA@ y)*y + (x @\bkqB@mod@\bkqA@ y) == x@
(x `quot` y)*y + (x `rem` y) == x
(x `div` y)*y + (x `mod` y) == x
@`quot`@ is integer division truncated toward zero,
while the result of @`div`@ is truncated toward
negative infinity.
......@@ -904,14 +906,14 @@ and returns a (quotient, remainder) pair; @divMod@ is defined
quotRem x y = (x @\bkqB@quot@\bkqA@ y, x @\bkqB@rem@\bkqA@ y)
divMod x y = (x @\bkqB@div@\bkqA@ y, x @\bkqB@mod@\bkqA@ y)
quotRem x y = (x `quot` y, x `rem` y)
divMod x y = (x `div` y, x `mod` y)
Also available on integral numbers are the even and odd predicates:
even x = x @\bkqB@rem@\bkqA@ 2 == 0
even x = x `rem` 2 == 0
odd = not . even
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