Commit e7fbcdd5 authored by Malcolm Wallace's avatar Malcolm Wallace
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typo in section 3.17.2, rule 8, for pattern-matching n+k

parent 7f98394a
......@@ -1358,8 +1358,8 @@ to convert it to the appropriate type.
\item Matching an "n@+@k" pattern (where "n" is a variable and "k" is a
positive integer literal) against a value "v"
\index{n+k pattern@@"n@+@k" pattern}
succeeds if "x ~@>=@ ~k", resulting in the binding
of "n" to "x~@-@~k",
succeeds if "v ~@>=@ ~k", resulting in the binding
of "n" to "v~@-@~k",
and fails otherwise. Again, the functions @>=@ and @-@ are
overloaded, depending on the type of the pattern.
The match diverges if the comparison diverges.
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