Commit f92c6331 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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include the guard syntax with funlhs, otherwise it doesn't make sense

parent c17c5882
......@@ -1535,12 +1535,17 @@ gdrhs -> \hprime{guards @=@ exp [gdrhs]}
\hprime{guards} -> \hprime{@|@ guard_1, ..., guard_n} & \hprime{(n>=1)}
\indexsyn{guard}\hprime{guard} -> \hprime{pat @<-@ infixexp} & (\hprime{\tr{pattern guard}})
| \hprime{@let@ decls} & (\hprime{\tr{local declaration}})
| infixexp & (\tr{boolean guard})
We distinguish two cases within this syntax: a {\em pattern binding}
occurs when the left hand side is a \hprime{"pat"};
otherwise, the binding is called a {\em function
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