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      small changes · b0563418
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      Implemented a few fixes we talked about on IRC: · 8478ccd7
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      (12:10:13) Marvin--: SyntaxLaptop: the example Setup.lhs on page 3 is wrong, it should import defaultMain and set main = defaultMain
      (12:10:46) Marvin--: SyntaxLaptop: and I think we call it sdist, not src-dist?
      (12:20:38) Marvin--: SyntaxLaptop:  \"funky, path\\\\name\"   is really broken, it should be  "funky, path\\name"
      (12:20:47) Marvin--: the escapes comes from being in a haskell string in the module! :)
      (12:22:10) Marvin--: hmm, now I think I remember what the issue with the dashes was
      (12:23:08) Marvin--: oh, and it should be documented exactly what paths look like
      (12:23:43) Marvin--: page 18 says import Distribution.Make (setup), that damn well should be defaultMain too ;-)
      (13:14:15) igloo: Oh, Marvin, am I being dopey or does the new spec not answer my questions about eh example at the start?
      (13:14:37) igloo: e.g. how does it know which files are part of the package
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      * added "clean" target to setup script spec. · e074d932
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      * updated test case for package description file.
      * Added note about chasing dependencies and "modules" field:
         Note that in the future, though the Modules field will be
         available, it will not be necessary to provide it for building
         executables and libraries.  Instead, the user will provide only the
         "Main-Is" field (for executables) and the "Exposed-Modules" field
         (for libraries).  The system will chase down dependencies from
         those modules and include them in the library or source
  14. 26 Jun, 2004 2 commits
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      Cleaned up package description stuff · 2a82e984
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      FIX/TODO: Provide BNF-type grammar, especially for field contents,
      remove below checklist and questions, fix package filename.
      Added example package description and more syntax.  Please
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      * Added new personas: · baf0865a
      Isaac Potoczny-Jones authored
      ** Peter Packager, as an umbrella for Rowland et al
      ** Isabella Installer, as someone who uses Peter's packages
      * Added some notes on the personas to clarify against the perception
        that they are non-overlapping roles.
      * Added a little "layered tools" section, just to get this on record.
      * Some reformatting
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      Mostl suggestions from Graham Klyne. · 41a271a4
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      * Changed pkg.desc to Setup.description.  Open to suggestions on this.
        Made an "entity" so it can be easily changed.
      * changed "tests and design notes may be omitted" to "design notes may
        be omitted" in order to change emphasis.
      * Clarified that --prefix and --install-prefix are for file locations
        only, having nothing to do with "grafting" or whatever.
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      * changed #!runhugs (etc) to #!/usr/bin/env runhugs · 6bd8eaec
      Isaac Potoczny-Jones authored
      * Small formatting stuff
      * Implemented Keith Wansbrough's suggestions.
      ** noted that the #! line isn't a requirement, just a convinience.
         Clarified that you can compile and run the Setup script if you want.
      ** Clarified that user and system modules where exposed modules
         overlap can both be registered.  "(However, one may register a
         system package which exposes a module with the same name as a user
         package, and vice-versa.)"
      ** some "setup" to "./Setup.lhs"
      ** Added rubric of --user having no effect when together with
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      Changed HPS to Cabal. · 0e119cce
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      Some reformatting of code.
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