Commit 08af42fd authored by thomie's avatar thomie
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hpc: use `takeDirectory` instead of `dropWhileEnd (/= '/')`

This fixes some hpc tests on Windows. Update submodule hpc.
parent 3ec205ae
Subproject commit da5928ccf4e369f6985ef291351d074918b88019
Subproject commit 315b78ac8fe7b42912d2146783b0366f6b0e9503
......@@ -479,15 +479,12 @@ instance Monoid ModuleSummary where
writeFileUsing :: String -> String -> IO ()
writeFileUsing filename text = do
let dest_dir = dropWhileEndLE (\ x -> x /= '/') $ filename
-- We need to check for the dest_dir each time, because we use sub-dirs for
-- packages, and a single .tix file might contain information about
-- many package.
-- create the dest_dir if needed
when (not (null dest_dir)) $
createDirectoryIfMissing True dest_dir
createDirectoryIfMissing True (takeDirectory filename)
writeFile filename text
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