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Build system: cleanup utils/ghc-pkg/

There used to be a lot of custom make code to build ghc-pkg with the
stage0 compiler. Commit ac5a3145
thankfully cleaned this up, by using the build settings from the
ghc-pkg.cabal file.

This commit removes some remains of the old way of installing ghc-pkg
when Stage1Only=YES. Notably, we called both `build-prog` as
`shell-wrapper`. This is surely wrong, because `build-prog` already
calls `shell-wrapper`. It isn't needed to set WANT_INSTALLED_WRAPPER
either; build-prog does that for us.

This prevents the following warnings when Stage1Only=YES:
  utils/ghc-pkg/ warning:
    overriding commands for target `install_utils/ghc-pkg_dist_wrapper'
  utils/ghc-pkg/ warning:
    ignoring old commands for target `install_utils/ghc-pkg_dist_wrapper'

Also add more comments and restructure a bit.

Reviewed by: austin

Differential Revision:
parent b40e5595
......@@ -24,25 +24,38 @@ utils/ghc-pkg/dist-install/build/Version.hs: mk/ | $$(dir $$@)/.
utils/ghc-pkg_PACKAGE = ghc-pkg
# Note [Why build certain utils twice?]
# We build certain utils twice: once with stage0, and once with stage1.
# Examples are ghc-pkg and hsc2hs.
# These tools are needed during the bootstrapping process, so we have to use
# stage0 to build them at first (stage1 doesn't exist yet). (side note: they're
# also used later in the build process). We install them inplace.
# But we can't install these copies when you run 'make install'. The reason is
# that when DYNAMIC_GHC_PROGRAMS=YES, we want to install copies that are
# dynamically linked. But the stage0 copies are either statically linked, or
# linked against libraries on the build machine.
# Therefore we build fresh copies, using the stage1 compiler, and install them
# when you run 'make install'. They are not used for any other purpose.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Cross-compile case: install our dist version
# Build ghc-pkg with the stage0 compiler in the dist directory, and install
# inplace. This is the copy we use during in-tree development.
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_USES_CABAL = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_PROGNAME = ghc-pkg
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_INSTALL_INPLACE = YES
ifeq "$(Stage1Only)" "YES"
# Install the copy of ghc-pkg from the dist directory when running 'make
# install' (it's the only copy we have at this stage).
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_INSTALL = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_INSTALL_SHELL_WRAPPER_NAME = ghc-pkg-$(ProjectVersion)
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_WANT_INSTALLED_WRAPPER = YES
$(eval $(call shell-wrapper,utils/ghc-pkg,dist))
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_USES_CABAL = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_PROGNAME = ghc-pkg
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist_INSTALL_INPLACE = YES
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/ghc-pkg,dist,0))
......@@ -51,23 +64,24 @@ utils/ghc-pkg/dist/ \
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Normal case: Build ghc-pkg with stage 1 and install it
# Build another copy of ghc-pkg with the stage1 compiler in the dist-install
# directory. Don't install it inplace (we use the dist copy there), but do
# install it when running 'make install'.
# See Note [Why build certain utils twice?].
ifneq "$(Stage1Only)" "YES"
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_USES_CABAL = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_PROGNAME = ghc-pkg
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_INSTALL_INPLACE = NO
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_INSTALL = YES
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_INSTALL_SHELL_WRAPPER_NAME = ghc-pkg-$(ProjectVersion)
utils/ghc-pkg_dist-install_INSTALL_INPLACE = NO
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/ghc-pkg,dist-install,1))
utils/ghc-pkg/dist-install/ \
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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