Commit 47b5b5c2 authored by Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel 🕺
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base: drop redundant Typeable derivings

Thanks to #9858 `Typeable` doesn't need to be explicitly derived anymore.
This also makes `AutoDeriveTypeable` redundant, as well as some imports of
`Typeable` (removal of whose may be beneficial to #9707). This commit
removes several such now redundant use-sites in `base`.

Reviewed By: austin, ekmett

Differential Revision:
parent 68d4f472
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ import qualified Data.List as L
import qualified GHC.List as L
data BadElementException = BadFirst | BadLast deriving (Show, Typeable, Eq)
data BadElementException = BadFirst | BadLast deriving (Show, Eq)
instance Exception BadElementException
newtype ForceDefault f a = ForceDefault (f a)
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