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Fix broken links in documentation

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......@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@
groups, unlike splices of the form
<literal>$(...)</literal>. This behavior has been
preserved under the new implementation, and is now
recognized and documented in <xref linked="th-syntax"/>.
recognized and documented in <xref linkend="th-syntax"/>.
......@@ -947,7 +947,7 @@
Additionally, the use of <link linkend="annotations">annotations</link>
Additionally, the use of <link linkend="annotation-pragmas">annotations</link>
is forbidden, as that would allow bypassing Safe Haskell restrictions.
See <ulink url="">ticket #10826</ulink>.
......@@ -3043,7 +3043,7 @@ foldl f z (Stream step s _) = foldl_loop SPEC z s
<para><emphasis>On by default.</emphasis>
Specialise <literal>INLINABLE</literal> (<xreg linked="inlinable-pragma"/>)
Specialise <literal>INLINABLE</literal> (<xref linkend="inlinable-pragma"/>)
type-class-overloaded functions imported from other modules for the
types at which they are called in this module. Note that specialisation must
be enabled (by <literal>-fspecialise</literal>) for this to have any effect.
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