Commit 89324b82 authored by thomie's avatar thomie
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Testsuite: normalise slashes in callstack output

This fixes some tests on Windows, for example T2120.
parent 7ad4b3c1
......@@ -1681,10 +1681,12 @@ def normalise_whitespace( str ):
return str.strip()
def normalise_callstacks(str):
def repl(matches):
location =
location = normalise_slashes_(location)
return ', called at {}:<line>:<column> in'.format(location)
# Ignore line number differences in call stacks (#10834).
return re.sub(', called at (.+):[\\d]+:[\\d]+ in',
', called at \\1:<line>:<column> in',
return re.sub(', called at (.+):[\\d]+:[\\d]+ in', repl, str)
def normalise_errmsg( str ):
# remove " error:" and lower-case " Warning:" to make patch for
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