Commit d03dd237 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Fix a long-standing bug in CSE

I had the environments wrong so that CSE could mis-clone
an expression, if the uniques just happened to be badly
arranged.  It's hard to trigger the bug, so I can't make
a reliable test case.

Happily the fix is easy.
parent 67203765
......@@ -240,26 +240,34 @@ cseProgram binds = snd (mapAccumL cseBind emptyCSEnv binds)
cseBind :: CSEnv -> CoreBind -> (CSEnv, CoreBind)
cseBind env (NonRec b e)
= (env2, NonRec b'' e')
= (env2, NonRec b2 e2)
(env1, b') = addBinder env b
(env2, (b'', e')) = cseRhs env1 b b' e
e1 = tryForCSE env e
(env1, b1) = addBinder env b
(env2, (b2, e2)) = addBinding env1 b b1 e1
cseBind env (Rec pairs)
= (env2, Rec pairs')
(env1, bs') = addRecBinders env (map fst pairs)
(env2, pairs') = mapAccumL cse_rhs env1 (bs' `zip` pairs)
cse_rhs env (b', (b,e)) = cseRhs env b b' e
cseRhs :: CSEnv -> InId -> OutId -> InExpr -> (CSEnv, (OutId, OutExpr))
cseRhs env in_id out_id rhs
(bndrs, rhss) = unzip pairs
(env1, bndrs1) = addRecBinders env bndrs
rhss1 = map (tryForCSE env1) rhss
-- Process rhss in extended env1
(env2, pairs') = mapAccumL cse_rhs env1 (zip3 bndrs bndrs1 rhss1)
cse_rhs env (b, b1, e1) = addBinding env b b1 e1
addBinding :: CSEnv -- Includes InId->OutId cloning
-> InId
-> OutId -> OutExpr -- Processed binding
-> (CSEnv, (OutId, OutExpr)) -- Final env and binding
-- Extend the CSE env with a mapping [rhs -> out-id]
-- unless we can instead just substitute [in-id -> rhs]
addBinding env in_id out_id rhs'
| no_cse = (env, (out_id, rhs'))
| ok_to_subst = (extendCSSubst env in_id rhs', (out_id, rhs'))
| otherwise = (extendCSEnv env rhs' id_expr', (zapped_id, rhs'))
id_expr' = varToCoreExpr out_id
rhs' = tryForCSE env rhs
zapped_id = zapIdUsageInfo out_id
-- Putting the Id into the cs_map makes it possible that
-- it'll become shared more than it is now, which would
......@@ -316,15 +324,17 @@ cseExpr env (Case e bndr ty alts) = cseCase env e bndr ty alts
cseCase :: CSEnv -> InExpr -> InId -> InType -> [InAlt] -> OutExpr
cseCase env scrut bndr ty alts
= Case scrut' bndr3 ty (map cse_alt alts)
= Case scrut2 bndr3 ty (map cse_alt alts)
scrut1 = tryForCSE env scrut
bndr1 = zapIdOccInfo bndr
-- Zapping the OccInfo is needed because the extendCSEnv
-- in cse_alt may mean that a dead case binder
-- becomes alive, and Lint rejects that
(env1, bndr2) = addBinder env bndr1
(alt_env, (bndr3, scrut')) = cseRhs env1 bndr bndr2 scrut
-- cseRhs: see Note [CSE for case expressions]
(alt_env, (bndr3, scrut2)) = addBinding env1 bndr bndr2 scrut1
-- addBinding: see Note [CSE for case expressions]
con_target :: OutExpr
con_target = lookupSubst alt_env bndr
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