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      [project @ 2002-03-14 12:09:49 by simonmar] · 9cd0f821
      simonmar authored
      Eliminate some orphan-instance modules to speed up compilation.
      I decided to just bite the bullet and give Data.Dynamic an .hi-boot
      file, so I could remove GHC.Dynamic altogether, move its data types
      into Data.Dynamic and hence prevent Data.Dynamic from being an orphan
      module.  Furthermore, GHC.Dynamic wasn't GHC specific - its only
      purpose in life was to prevent module loops, so having it at all was
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      [project @ 2001-07-03 11:37:49 by simonmar] · b4358ba0
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      Latest round of changes, incorporating:
        - some changes to the portability/stability requested by Malcolm
        - Control.Monad.Fix is portable, IO/ST instances moved to System.IO,
          Control.Monad.ST respectively.
        - GHC.Tup moved to Data.Tuple, the code in here is mostly portable
          (and the interface better be).
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      [project @ 2001-06-28 14:15:04 by simonmar] · 4fb94ae5
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      First cut of the Haskell Core Libraries
      NOTE: it's not meant to be a working snapshot.  The code is just here
      to look at and so the NHC/Hugs guys can start playing around with it.
      There is no build system.  For GHC, the libraries tree is intended to
      be grafted onto an existing fptools/ tree, and the Makefile in
      libraries/core is a quick hack for that setup.  This won't work at the
      moment without the other changes needed in fptools/ghc, which I
      haven't committed because they'll cause breakage.  However, with the
      changes required these sources build a working Prelude and libraries.
      The layout mostly follows the one we agreed on, with one or two minor
      changes; in particular the Data/Array layout probably isn't final
      (there are several choices here).
      The document is in libraries/core/doc as promised.
      The cbits stuff is just a copy of ghc/lib/std/cbits and has
      GHC-specific stuff in it.  We should really separate the
      compiler-specific C support from any compiler-independent C support
      there might be.
      Don't pay too much attention to the portability or stability status
      indicated in the header of each source file at the moment - I haven't
      gone through to make sure they're all consistent and make sense.
      I'm using non-literate source outside of GHC/.  Hope that's ok with
      We need to discuss how the build system is going to work...