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      [project @ 2005-02-02 13:26:13 by simonpj] · 771e82b2
      simonpj authored
      I've moved Typeable instances so that they are
      either in the module that defines the type
      or in the Typeable module (which defines the class)
      GHC dislikes "orphan" instances, and even for humans
      this makes it easier to find.
      I have continued to use the INSTANCE_TYPEABLE macros,
      rather than GHC's deriving( Typeable ) mechanism, so
      that it'll still work for Hugs and NHC.  Nevertheless,
      I may well have missed some Hugs- or NHC-specific imports,
      for which I apologise.  Malcolm, Ross you may want to try
      a fresh build.
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      [project @ 2004-12-08 11:05:31 by simonmar] · 937f8c08
      simonmar authored
      - Update docs on finalizers: we don't guarantee to run finalizers at all,
        and you can't express finalizer ordering using touchForeignPtr.
      - consistently rename finaliser to finalizer.
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      [project @ 2002-04-26 12:48:16 by simonmar] · f478c5a4
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      - Add proper module headers to these guys
      - Remove \$Id\$
      - Update copyrights
      - Int.lhs and Word.lhs were just wrapped in \begin{code}..\end{code},
        so make them .hs files instead.
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      [project @ 2001-06-28 14:15:04 by simonmar] · 4fb94ae5
      simonmar authored
      First cut of the Haskell Core Libraries
      NOTE: it's not meant to be a working snapshot.  The code is just here
      to look at and so the NHC/Hugs guys can start playing around with it.
      There is no build system.  For GHC, the libraries tree is intended to
      be grafted onto an existing fptools/ tree, and the Makefile in
      libraries/core is a quick hack for that setup.  This won't work at the
      moment without the other changes needed in fptools/ghc, which I
      haven't committed because they'll cause breakage.  However, with the
      changes required these sources build a working Prelude and libraries.
      The layout mostly follows the one we agreed on, with one or two minor
      changes; in particular the Data/Array layout probably isn't final
      (there are several choices here).
      The document is in libraries/core/doc as promised.
      The cbits stuff is just a copy of ghc/lib/std/cbits and has
      GHC-specific stuff in it.  We should really separate the
      compiler-specific C support from any compiler-independent C support
      there might be.
      Don't pay too much attention to the portability or stability status
      indicated in the header of each source file at the moment - I haven't
      gone through to make sure they're all consistent and make sense.
      I'm using non-literate source outside of GHC/.  Hope that's ok with
      We need to discuss how the build system is going to work...