Commit 0c5f28a5 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Add comments on which integer rules are missing

parent 5fb1a1c0
......@@ -621,11 +621,17 @@ builtinRules
builtinIntegerRules :: [CoreRule]
builtinIntegerRules =
[rule_convert "integerToWord" integerToWordName mkWordLitWord,
[-- TODO: smallInteger rule
-- TODO: wordToInteger rule
rule_convert "integerToWord" integerToWordName mkWordLitWord,
rule_convert "integerToInt" integerToIntName mkIntLitInt,
-- TODO: integerToWord64 rule
-- TODO: word64ToInteger rule
-- TODO: integerToInt64 rule
-- TODO: int64ToInteger rule
rule_binop "plusInteger" plusIntegerName (+),
rule_binop "timesInteger" timesIntegerName (*),
rule_binop "minusInteger" minusIntegerName (-),
rule_binop "timesInteger" timesIntegerName (*),
rule_unop "negateInteger" negateIntegerName negate,
rule_binop_Bool "eqInteger" eqIntegerName (==),
rule_binop_Bool "neqInteger" neqIntegerName (/=),
......@@ -636,8 +642,15 @@ builtinIntegerRules =
rule_binop_Bool "ltInteger" ltIntegerName (<),
rule_binop_Bool "geInteger" geIntegerName (>=),
rule_binop_Ordering "compareInteger" compareIntegerName compare,
rule_divop "quotRemInteger" quotRemIntegerName quotRem,
rule_divop "divModInteger" divModIntegerName divMod,
rule_divop "quotRemInteger" quotRemIntegerName quotRem,
-- TODO: quotInteger rule
-- TODO: remInteger rule
-- TODO: encodeFloatInteger rule
-- TODO: floatFromInteger rule
-- TODO: encodeDoubleInteger rule
-- TODO: decodeDoubleInteger rule
-- TODO: doubleFromInteger rule
rule_binop "gcdInteger" gcdIntegerName gcd,
rule_binop "lcmInteger" lcmIntegerName lcm,
rule_binop "andInteger" andIntegerName (.&.),
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