Commit 27393f45 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Replace a couple of "rm -rf" invocations with $(call removeTrees,...)

parent 814d8641
......@@ -1083,8 +1083,8 @@ sdist-prep :
cd $(SRC_DIST_DIR) && for i in $(SRC_DIST_DIRS); do mkdir $$i; ( cd $$i && lndir $(TOP)/$$i ); done
cd $(SRC_DIST_DIR) && for i in $(SRC_DIST_FILES); do $(LN_S) $(TOP)/$$i .; done
cd $(SRC_DIST_DIR) && $(MAKE) distclean
rm -rf $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/libraries/tarballs/
rm -rf $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/libraries/stamp/
$(call removeTrees,$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/libraries/tarballs/)
$(call removeTrees,$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/libraries/stamp/)
$(call sdist_file,compiler,stage2,cmm,,CmmLex,x)
$(call sdist_file,compiler,stage2,cmm,,CmmParse,y)
$(call sdist_file,compiler,stage2,parser,,Lexer,x)
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