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Document BlockArguments/LambdaCase support in arrow notation

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......@@ -104,6 +104,21 @@ Template Haskell
- The ``-XTemplateHaskellQuotes`` extension now allows nested splices as nested
splices do not lead directly to compile-time evaluation. (!2288)
Arrow notation
- When combined with :extension:`Arrows`, the :extension:`LambdaCase` extension
now additionally allows ``\case`` syntax to be used as a command in ``proc``
- When combined with :extension:`Arrows`, the effects of the
:extension:`BlockArguments` extension now also apply to applications of
arrow control operators in ``(|`` banana brackets ``|)``: ::
(| untilA (increment -< x + y) do
within 0.5 -< x
... |)
``ghc-prim`` library
......@@ -182,4 +197,3 @@ for further change information.
libraries/unix/unix.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Win32/Win32.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/xhtml/xhtml.cabal: Dependency of ``haddock`` executable
......@@ -25,4 +25,11 @@ Note that ``\case`` starts a layout, so you can write ::
pN -> eN
Additionally, since GHC 8.12.1, combining :extension:`LambdaCase` with
:extension:`Arrows` allows ``\case`` syntax to be used as a command in
``proc`` notation: ::
proc x -> (f -< x) `catchA` \case
p1 -> cmd1
pN -> cmdN
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