Commit 2d12d59e authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢
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Drop duplicate -optl's from GHC invocations

Previously the make build system would pass things like
`-optl-optl-Wl,-x -optl-optl-Wl,noexecstack` to GHC. This would
naturally result in mass confusion as GHC would pass `-optl-Wl,-x` to
GCC. GCC would in turn interpret this as `-o ptl-Wl,-x`, setting the
output pass of the invocation.

The problem that `-optl` was added to the command-line in two places in
the build system. Fix this.

Fixes #17385.
parent c4c9904b
......@@ -186,8 +186,8 @@ $1_$2_$3_ALL_LD_OPTS = \
$$($1_$2_$3_LD_OPTS) \
$$($1_$2_EXTRA_LD_OPTS) \
$$(foreach o,$$(EXTRA_LD_LINKER_OPTS),-optl-Wl$$(comma)$$o) \
$$(foreach o,$$(CONF_LD_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE$4),-optl-Wl$$(comma)$$o)
$$(foreach o,$$(EXTRA_LD_LINKER_OPTS),-Wl$$(comma)$$o) \
$$(foreach o,$$(CONF_LD_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE$4),-Wl$$(comma)$$o)
# Options for passing to GHC when we use it for linking
$1_$2_$3_GHC_LD_OPTS = \
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