Commit 33e37d06 authored by Takenobu Tani's avatar Takenobu Tani Committed by Marge Bot
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Add `-haddock` option under ci condition to fix #16415

In order to use the `:doc` command in ghci, it is necessary
to compile for core libraries with `-haddock` option.

Especially, the `-haddock` option is essential for release building.

  * The `-haddock` option may affect compile time and binary size.
  * But hadrian has already set `-haddock` as the default.
  * This patch affects the make-based building.

This patch has been split from !532.
parent 2e297b36
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ cat <<EOF >> mk/
ifneq "\$(BuildFlavour)" ""
include mk/flavours/\$(BuildFlavour).mk
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