Commit 85b0d3ed authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Don't hide the binary package

Cabal will use it regardless, and if people are going to use binary then
it's a lot better if they use the one that we ship, rather than
installing a second version.
parent 08200cc7
......@@ -334,10 +334,6 @@ PKGS_THAT_USE_TH := $(PKGS_THAT_ARE_DPH)
# so we don't have to include it below.
PKGS_THAT_BUILD_WITH_STAGE0 = Cabal/cabal hpc extensible-exceptions binary bin-package-db hoopl
# These packages are installed, but are installed hidden
# Why install them at all? Because the 'ghc' package depends on them
# $(EXTRA_PACKAGES) is another classification, of packages built but
# not installed
# It is set in rules/,
......@@ -901,10 +897,6 @@ install_packages: rts/package.conf.install
'$(ghclibdir)' \
'$(docdir)/html/libraries' \
$(foreach p, $(PKGS_THAT_ARE_HIDDEN), \
$(call make-command, \
--global-conf "$(INSTALLED_PACKAGE_CONF)" hide $p))
# when we install the packages above, ghc-pkg obeys umask when creating
# the package.conf files, but for everything else we specify the
# permissions. We therefore now fix the permissions of package.cache.
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